Stuart Woods Steps Up to Citation M2

Best-selling author Stuart Woods to take delivery of first next-gen CJ.

Stuart Woods Cessna

Stuart Woods Cessna

** Stuart Woods**

Stuart Woods, the best-selling author of the Stone Barrington action adventure novels, is moving up from a Cessna Mustang to the M2. Cessna plans to make the delivery of Woods' M2 shortly after it earns FAA certification later this year.

Woods recently visited Cessna's Independence, Kansas, manufacturing plant and got the A-lister's tour, seeing the line where his M2 was built. (Check out our gallery on Cessna's impressive Citation production line in Indy.)

After his visit to the Indy plant, Woods flew his Mustang to Wichita for a book signing for his latest Stone Barrington title, Doing Hard Time.

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