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We’re wrapping up our latest print edition, for August 2023, Issue 940, and we want to know what you think about the cover.

We’re enjoying a great summer of flying here at FLYING. We’re celebrating with a brand new issue on track for August. We’re now on Issue 940, which mails out in late July for subscribers before hitting newsstands and FBOs at your local airport.

On the cover we fly back in time in a modern version of the WACO YMF series, and we hope you’ll join us as we test out this legendary design, and also look at upgrading the panel on a vintage one with consideration and care.

Inside the issue, we dive into the Piper Lance and Saratoga models on the market in Air Compare. We take a bucket-list trip to First Flight Airport in North Carolina, and give you tips on how to cope with the extensive high density altitudes of the warmer months. Plus we give you all of the columns and proficiency articles you’ve come to expect from our deep bench of expert contributors—so make sure you’ve subscribed. You’ll also get a chance to win in our Ultimate FLYING Giveaway!

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