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We’re polishing up our latest print edition, for December/January 2023/24, Issue 944, and we want to hear your thoughts about the cover.

We’re getting ready for the holiday season at FLYING Media Group—even if the snow hasn’t started to fly in Chattanooga, Tennessee, just yet. We’re polishing up the December/January 2023/24, Issue 944 print edition, which mails out in late November for subscribers before landing at newsstands and the FBO displays at your local airport.

For our main features, we fly the Diamond DA62 piston twin, which has hit a market sweet spot with more than 270 delivered. We also look at what it takes to update your avionics to new in a popular legacy twin—the Piper Twin Comanche—and give you tips for achieving the same level of upgrade for your own airplane.

Also, inside our pages, we celebrate 20 years of the Recreational Aviation Foundation with a special work project in Idaho. We also kick off the ski season with a flight to Truckee/Tahoe Airport (KTRK) in the Sierra Nevada to whet your appetite for winter flying destinations. Plus, we give you all of the columns and proficiency articles you’ve come to expect from our deep bench of expert contributors—so make sure you’ve subscribed. You’ll also get a chance to win in our Ultimate FLYING Giveaway!

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