Weeks Shares More on Ghostly Encounter with Howard Hughes

Collector tells of more visits from beyond the grave.

Kermit Weeks S-43

Kermit Weeks S-43

** Kermit Weeks with the Sikorsky S-43.**

In his most recent blog, Fantasy of Flight founder Kermit Weeks has elaborated on how he believes Howard Hughes helped arrange for him to acquire the deceased aviation legend's Sikorsky S-43. Weeks bought the airplane from the estate of well known car collector Ron Van Kregten, the man who bought it from Hughes, and he described the spooky scenario involving the estate's executor.

As Flying reported at the time, Weeks described how he has explored out-of-body experiences since he was a teenager. (Whenever he brings it up, Weeks also insists he has never used recreational drugs.) He believes the spirit of Howard Hughes visited him during a session at Virginia's Monroe Institute, which is devoted to exploring paranormal activity.

In his latest blog, Weeks expanded the story. He described his 2008 visit with Van Kregten’s wife’s brother, who was the executor of the late couple’s estate. He said the executor also had out-of-body experiences, and they agreed that he would look for some sign indicating that Hughes believed the airplane should go to Weeks and Fantasy of Flight. The executor later said he visited Houston and was sitting in the Sikorsky in a meditative state, and “saw” his sister and brother-in-law, smiling and apparently indicating that Weeks ought to get the Sikorsky. In the background of the vision was a tall man with a hat facing away, possibly Hughes.