TSA Surveying GA Airports for Terror Vulnerability

Approximately 3,000 airport operators are not sure how best to respond to a survey form from the Transportation Security Administration. As part of the TSA response to the 9/11 Commission Recommendation Act of 2007, the security agency is assessing liabilities at all airports. The focus is on those with runways of at least 2,000 feet and/or those close to major metropolitan areas, according to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. First reaction of aviation advocacy groups is positive — it appears that the survey is designed to simplify the security assessment process for airport managers. The concern is that information supplied by airports could be used against them, and that the ultimate result of the recommendations could be mandated measures that would involve undue financial or operational burdens. Brittney Miculka, AOPA manager of security said, "AOPA supports dedicated funding for those airports choosing to make their facilities more secure, but remains strongly opposed to the mandatory requirements being unilaterally imposed."