Pair of LSAs Target 'Round the World Flight

Two Swiss pilots to fly Flight Design CTLSs.

On April 30, a pair of European pilots commemorated the 100th anniversary of the first flight of an aircraft in Switzerland. Their goal? To fly a pair of Flight Design CTLS light sport aircraft (LSAs) around the world.

The two Swiss airline pilots, Yannick Bovier and Francisco Agullo, left Sion Switzerland on the first leg of the 27,000-mile journey. Each aircraft carries 120 gallons of fuel, more than three times the stock capacity of 35 gallons, increasing range to 800 nautical miles. The pair are scheduled to traverse the U.S. during the week of May 17-21, east to west, with stops in Miami, Dallas, Las Vegas and Monterey, California.

Tom Peghiny, president of Flight Design USA said, "Most Americans [who operate Flight Design aircraft] may not fly around the world, but they regularly see the USA in their LSA from Flight Design."