NASA Announces Internship Program

Award could total $10 million per year.

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Courtesy of NASA

NASA has signed a cooperative agreement with the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) opening up opportunities for education internship programs. The value of the award is estimated at between $3 million and $10 million annually, depending on "options."

It covers NASA’s Minority University Research and Education Program and the Space Grant Program, each designed to provide internships for qualified STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) students and educators. According to NASA, USRA has a strong track record of administering educational opportunities that lead to employment with the agency, as well as jobs in the private aerospace sector.

The new agreement may also support the National Science Foundation, which administers other internship programs with federal government entities. The grant program announced on April 16 covers a five-year time frame.