HondaJet and PiperJet to Serve as Launch Customers for G3000

Garmin announced on Monday that it has two launch aircraft for its G3000 avionics suite. On Tuesday, Honda Aircraft and Piper both confirmed their developmental jets are the aircraft Garmin was referring to. Honda's HondaJet has completed talks with the FAA on a variety of structural certification standards and is preparing for final assembly of its first production-conforming airframe. First flight is expected early next year, and first customer deliveries are planned for the fourth quarter of 2011, according to Honda Aircraft president and CEO Michimasa Fujino. Piper also announced its single-engine PiperJet will also fly behind the Garmin G3000 suite. Newly announced Piper President John Becker said, "PiperJet pilots will have the ability to reach out and touch real-time information. Gone will be the days of looking for cursors and cryptic confusing menus that lead to heavy pilot workloads." Piper's proof of concept aircraft now has logged more than 230 hours in 160 flights. Becker is Piper's new president, having just been promoted from his position as vice president of engineering. In addition, Piper announced that Kevin Gould advances to CEO from his previous position as vice president of operations.