Diamond's D-Jet Flies With More Potent Powerplant

Diamond Aircraft reports it has flown a prototype of its D-Jet with the more advanced Williams FJ33-5A engine. The new turbofan is rated at 1,900 pounds thrust, compared with 1,500 pounds for engines flown on previous versions of the D-Jet. The move was precipitated primarily by the need for more power to supply bleed air for the pressurization system. The D-Jet is expected to fly at 240 knots true airspeed (ktas) in long-range cruise at 25,000 feet for a range of 1,350 nautical miles. Top speed is expected to be 315 ktas. There will also be an as-yet-unannounced price increase from the original estimate of $1.38 million ($2006). Certification is scheduled for mid-next-year.