Cessna Ready to Start Citation M2 Production

New CJ will feature Garmin G3000 avionics.

Cessna M2

Cessna M2

Cessna M2 production

Announced just last spring, the latest version of Cessna’s venerable 525 CitationJet lineup, the M2 model, is already making its way down the production line at the company’s Independence, Kansas, factory.

The new model features Garmin G3000 avionics, a completely updated interior scheme and Williams FJ44 turbofan engines producing nearly 2,000 pounds of thrust apiece. It will be a 400 knot airplane with the ability to climb directly to 41,000 feet.

While the M2 is in every way a CJ, Cessna has positioned it as a natural step-up model from the Mustang, hence the “M2” designation. The Garmin avionics and sleek interior, including the best appointed lav in any CJ, make the M2 a whole different CJ.

The first production M2 is slated to come off the line in April and will serve as a demonstrator airplane. Cessna anticipates FAA certification this spring.