Cessna 152 Lands on Garden State Parkway

Last Friday, a Cessna 152 that took off from Monmouth County Executive Airport in New Jersey lost power and landed on the Garden State Parkway. The early afternoon incident resulted in no injuries and no damage to the two-place Cessna. Pilot Joe Rubino and passenger John Hannon were on a local flight to photograph real estate when the engine lost power for as-yet unknown reasons. Rubino, a flight instructor, flew under a road sign and landed on the side of the highway. In a newspaper report, Turnpike Authority spokesman Joe Orlando said, "He goes over the trees, under a sign, manages to avoid any cars and lands on the side of the highway. We have single-car accidents that cause bigger delays than this guy did with a Cessna." The Parkway was closed for 10 minutes as the Cessna was loaded on a flatbed truck and removed.