Australia Man Drives His Plane to the Pub

Police charges man for taxiing plane down a main street.

Wingless Beechcraft Pub

Wingless Beechcraft Pub

Photo courtesy of Esperance Police/Newman Police

A 37-year-old Australian who taxied his small airplane down a main street to a pub in Newman, Western Australia, has been charged with endangering the life, health or safety of a person.

The unusual parade of one plane happened this past Friday afternoon when puzzled residents noticed a wingless Beechcraft Skipper parked outside their local watering hole. According to Newman Police Sgt. Mark McKenzie, the propeller was turning and the plane was steered with the rudder pedals.

While many were amused by the odd sight, Newman police emphasized the danger and are treating the incident seriously.

The man passed a breath test at the scene, according to police, who assured that the plane didn't try to leave the ground, or cause any traffic accidents.

It's also been reported that the man does not hold a pilot's license. Without the wings, we can only imagine where he stored the fuel. He is due in court on November 18.

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