Electric Future: Why Electric Airplanes Are Poised to Take Off

Advances in lithium battery technology hold the promise of heralding a new era of ultraclean and efficient electric airplanes. The question is: How ...
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How Does an Electric Motor Work?

Will flying's future be electric?
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FAA Stance on Electric Airplanes: No Passengers

Draft technical order calls for restriction.
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Unusual Attitudes: Electricity is Not My Friend

Losing a lifelong battle with electrical systems.
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Germany Certifies First Electric Airplane, the eSpyder

The eSpyder achieves DULV approval.
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Pilot Plans All-Electric Solo Atlantic Crossing

Novel approach could solve range limitation.
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Agusta Unveils All-Electric ‘Zero’ Tiltrotor Project

AgustaWestland introduces unmanned version of an electric-powered tiltrotor.
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