Global 7500 Earns First-Ever BizAv Environmental Product Designation

EPD uses life-cycle data to look at an aircraft’s key environmental impact indicators.

Bombardier Aviation and the International EPD System, an environmental declaration program based in Sweden, recently published the environmental product declaration (EPD) for Bombardier’s Global 7500 jet. The EPD, the first for a business airplane, provides detailed information about the Global’s life cycle as it relates to CO2 emissions, noise, water consumption and other key environmental impact indicators.

A Bombardier news release said, “The publication of the Global 7500 aircraft EPD is an important milestone in the advancement of Bombardier Aviation’s overarching environmental sustainability strategy, which encompasses increasing the adoption of sustainable alternative fuels (SAF), reducing CO2 footprint, enhancing aircraft recyclability, and sustainably sourcing, all as a part of its Eco-Design approach and in support of industry-wide carbon reduction goals.”

The Bombardier Eco-Design team applied its product innovation life cycle process throughout the development of the Global 7500 aircraft to minimize the jet’s impact on the environment, from the design and manufacture of the aircraft to end-of-life. The Global 7500′s EPD is also the outcome of years of collaboration with Bombardier’s supply chain, a rigorous analysis from the program’s outset and robust certification process completed throughout 2019.

The Global 7500 aircraft is powered by the all-new GE Passport engine, incorporating advanced technologies and materials to improve durability, deliver a lower noise output and improved fuel consumption. Additionally, its new high-speed transonic wing cuts down on drag, reduces fuel burn, and lowers emissions, offering a smooth ride, as well as excellent short-field and high-speed performance.

The International EPD System is a program for voluntary and transparent communication of the life-cycle environmental impact of goods and services. With more than 15 years of experience, and a library consisting of certified environmental product declarations from 31 countries, EPD serves as a credible choice for B2B and B2C communication based on ISO 14025 and other international standards.


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