Eve’s Latest Partnership Sets Sights on France, Europe

Eve Urban Air Mobility Solutions and Helipass are partnering to create a network of eVTOL in France and Europe. Embraer

Embraer’s Eve Urban Air Mobility Solutions has partnered with a digital flight booking platform as it looks to deploy eVTOL aircraft across the world in the next few years.

As part of the agreement announced this week, France-based Helipass—a platform for tourism and air mobility that serves the helicopter industry—will open digital bookings on its platform to customers throughout its network in Europe and France. The aim is to fly Eve’s electric aircraft for a total of 50,000 flight hours per year, potentially leading to an optional increase of 100,000 annual flight hours across Helipass’ network.

Eve says it will work with Helipass to develop training, on-site support, and technical publications to facilitate the launch of commercial operations.

“We are very happy about bringing Helipass to our family of partners, increasing the global reach of our solutions to the UAM market,” said Andre Stein, president and CEO of Eve, in a statement. “Europe is not only ripe for new mobility solutions, but also very focused on ensuring a more sustainable future, which is very much in line with Eve’s vision.”

In announcing the partnership, Helipass said, “The transition to eVTOL is the next challenge for a better world with a quieter and zero-emission footprint,” adding that it’s developing new routes for the airport to city service and preparing new flying experiences.

More About The Aircraft

Eve is Embraer’s foray into the world of eVTOL, with a crewed (“human-centered”), electric-powered aircraft aimed at producing zero emissions and a low-noise footprint. The first flight of the Eve eVTOL within the engineering simulator took place in Brazil at the EmbraerX facility in June 2020.

Commercial introduction is planned for 2026.

Other Eve Partnerships

The deal with Helipass is just the latest in a series of announcements for Eve in recent weeks:

  • In late July, the company entered an agreement with Flapper, an on-demand private aviation platform, to develop urban air mobility in Latin America.
  • In August, the company announced plans to bring air taxis to the Asia-Pacific region through an agreement with Ascent, another aviation taxi booking platform.
  • Eve has also signed an agreement with Kenya Airways to develop an urban air mobility strategy for East Africa along with Fahari Aviation.
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