Drone Operator Arrested After NFL Stadium Incidents

Anti-media pamphlets scattered over two NFL Stadiums during drone incident.

The FAA has previously urged drone pilots to keep their UAVs away from stadiums and other large sports venues.FAA/YouTube

A California man’s multiple attempts at dropping anti-media pamphlets over NFL stadium crowds landed him in jail after flying over Oakland Coliseum and Levi’s Stadium during Sunday’s games.

Tracy Mapes, a 55-year-old Sacramento resident, was cited and released by Santa Clara police for flying the drone in violation of a local municipal code, department spokesperson Dan Moreno told USA TODAY Sports this week.

Moreno said the message on the leaflets was "anti-local news media, and TV news stations specifically." The charge was a misdemeanor.

The San Francisco Chronicle added that the drone was a relatively ineffective messenger because "most of the drone-dropped leaflets were carried away by the wind."