Know of a GA Airport With a Playground? We Want to Hear From You!

We’re looking for subjects for a future feature story.
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The Interesting and Somewhat Strange History of Runways

Polo fields and dirt were the ingredients of the first runway, and even when you die, the runway still can run you over.
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Did You Know? 11 Fun Facts About Runways

Here are some weird things you need to know to geek out about this humble piece of infrastructure.
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FAA Acknowledges Some Pilots Prefer Operating ‘On the Grass’

In a document, the agency opens the door for turf strips next to paved runways.
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America’s Longest Runways

FLYING tracks down the facts surrounding some of the longest runways in the United States, and beyond.
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America’s Shortest Runways

We consider getting by with as little runway as possible by taking a look at 10 of the shortest strips.
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New Study Reveals 10 Busiest Airports In the World

Rankings are encouraging signs of continued recovery, trade group Airports Council International says.
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‘Remember Meigs Field’

It's been 19 years since this popular airport was destroyed, literally in the middle of the night.
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Historic Douglas Municipal Airport Up for Sale

The city is exploring options during the bid process and the potential buyer must meet certain conditions.
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These Six Airports Have Uncertain Futures

More GA airports could close as noise complaints and land values rise.
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