Bombardier Recruiting for Paid Internships in Canada

Some of Bombardier’s interns from a 2019 company internship event in Montreal—photo was taken pre-pandemic, in 2019. Bombardier

With nearly 60,000 employees at production and engineering sites in over 25 countries, Bombardier is in the perfect position to give students valuable training with hands-on learning through their paid internship program. The company announced last week that they have targeted at least 1,000 of these paid internships for the 2020-21 academic year, after providing more than 1,200 positions in their paid internship program during the 2019-20 academic year.

Bombardier’s internships will be provided to students pursuing careers in engineering, science, finance, law, communications, and other business functions. The company is recruiting from more than 30 universities and colleges across Canada.

“Providing students with real-world experience has never been more important,” said Éric Martel, president and CEO of Bombardier, Inc. “Notwithstanding the exceptional challenges presented by the current health and economic crisis, Bombardier will continue to work with post-secondary institutions in Canada to provide meaningful opportunities to the brightest minds of the next generation.”

A commitment by Bombardier to “reflect the diversity the company aspires to attain in its workforce” is being made by supporting the new Women in Engineering (WIE) internship program, a partnership with the Gina Cody School for Engineering and Computer Science (GCS) at Concordia University. The goal of the WIE program is to inspire and encourage female students to pursue engineering and technology careers. Interns in this program will gain real-life work experience and receive individualized coaching aimed at helping them overcome common barriers-to-success, according to Bombardier.

“We believe that a diverse workforce yields the best results. However, today, women are vastly underrepresented in engineering positions across the aerospace industry,” added Martel. “The WIE program is designed to help address this issue by providing mentorship opportunities for female engineering students to develop their skills and accelerate their careers. Achieving a truly diverse workforce requires a multifaceted approach, and it begins with a focused recruiting and development strategy that includes initiatives like this new WIE program.”

Partner Universities for the 2020-21 academic year paid Bombardier internship program include Concordia University, McGill University, Université de Montréal, University of Toronto, University of Ottawa, and several other colleges and universities in Canada. Students who are interested in learning more about internship opportunities at Bombardier are invited to visit

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