From the Starfighter to the Enterprise NCC-1701-D

Flying fast aircraft is like "meditation" for actor Michael Dorn.
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Flight Design Goes All In on Light Sport Safety

The German light sport aircraft maker has always pushed the safety envelope.
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Van’s RV-12iS SLSA: They Build it, You Fly it

No need to pull even one rivet with the fully-assembled light sport model.
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Taking LSAs to the Backcountry

About one-third of Recreational Aviation Foundation members have used LSAs at remote strips.
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Knocking Off the Rust in a Van’s RV-12iS

After a hiatus, a “rusty pilot” tries out a state-of-the-art SLSA.
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Inside the Career of a Sport Pilot CFI

While there are many variables, training student pilots is always rewarding.
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Friends Enjoy a Different Kind of ‘Bar Hopping’ in Their Zenith LSAs

Zenith STOL flyers introduce a friend to landing on gravel bars.
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Flight Simulators Can Bring Sport Aviation to Your Desktop

Software, such as X-Plane, allows you to try an LSA on for size.
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A Major Disability Could Not Stop This Determined Sport Pilot

After a severe accident, Justin Falls persevered to achieve his dream to fly.
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Light Sport One Week Wonders Inspire EAA AirVenture Attendees

EAA to build a Sonex Waiex during Oshkosh 2022 show week.
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