A Major Disability Could Not Stop This Determined Sport Pilot

After a severe accident, Justin Falls persevered to achieve his dream to fly.
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Light Sport One Week Wonders Inspire EAA AirVenture Attendees

EAA to build a Sonex Waiex during Oshkosh 2022 show week.
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E/AB Kits Put the ‘Affordable’ in Affordable Sport Flying

Building a kit airplane may be easier and less expensive than you think.
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A Legendary Movie Pilot Shares a Lifetime of Great Stories

J.W. “Corkey” Fornof performed breathtaking stunts for decades, but safety was always paramount.
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Fun Flying: ‘Castle Spotting’ in a Scottish Autogyro

A tandem gyroplane’s front seat provides great recreational flying scenery.
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Five LSAs Flying Under the Radar

There are some real surprises waiting in the light sport marketplace.
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Will MOSAIC Allow LSAs To Do More?

The industry has lobbied the FAA to allow light sport aircraft to perform more aerial work tasks.
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LSAs Can Handle the Long Legs of an ‘Earthrounder’ Flight

Pilots have circled the globe several times in modified aircraft.
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Aero Friedrichshafen 2022: A Preview of LSA after MOSAIC?

‘Ultralights’ in the European Union hint at what light sport aircraft can be in the U.S.
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You Can Be ‘Hands-on’ With Developing Future LSA Standards

ASTM International’s F37 Committee always welcomes new members, and you don’t need technical expertise.
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