New David Clark DCPro-X Headset

Headset features same color, but much smaller and lighter.

David Clark DCPro-X

David Clark DCPro-X

** David Clark DCPro-X**

Historically known for its full coverage headset design, David Clark has developed a new “rest-on-ear” headset with hybrid electronic noise cancellation. It uses “advanced feed-forward and feed-back technology” for its active noise reduction. The DCPro-X uses dual voice coil drivers to ensure the headset will operate in the event of battery loss or system failure. The new headset also incorporates digital signal processing for improved audio fidelity. Bluetooth connection interfaces with cell phones, tablet computers and other personal electronics. It’s powered by two AA batteries with an estimated 50 hours’ operation.

What is the biggest departure for David Clark is the size and weight of the new product. It weighs only eight ounces with a magnesium alloy suspension and headband, with a vented head pad. Suggested retail price is $637, and deliveries are expected to begin next month. But you can order one online now at