MyGoFlight Flight Bag PLC Pro

Flying reviews a great pilot's backpack.

MyGoFlight Bag
MyGoFlight BagMyGoFlight

Last month, Flying gave a glowing review of MyGoFlight's high-end iPad case/kneeboard. This month, the praise continues for the Flight Bag PLC Pro.

The bag is made of heavy-duty nylon and has a number of compartments, all of which are sized just right, it seems. There’s one for your laptop and iPad and one for a headset or two. There’s a little eyebrow zip compartment for a key ring, wallet and cellphone, and a larger front section for pens, notepads, cords and other gadgets.

Easily converted with either a shoulder strap or a super comfortable backpack-style strap, the bag is easy to carry for a few steps or across terminals. You can even get a baggage dolly for it too.

The bag goes for about $200 with a couple of popular accessories.

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