AvMap's Ultra Enters the Portable EFIS Fray

ADAHRS-equipped model about the size of an alarm clock.

Ultra EFIS Screens

Ultra EFIS Screens

** Ultra EFIS**

AvMap's $1,200 Ultra electronic flight information system (EFIS) is now available for sale. This is a non-TSO'd panel-mount instrument for the experimental and LSA market. It cannot be installed legally in a certified airplane. AvMap's Ultra competes with other 3.5-inch CRT displays such as the Dynon D6 and D10.

Introduced in August at EAA AirVenture, the tiny, lightweight display packs a lot of capability into its two-inch depth. At 5.1-ounces, the Ultra is a fraction of the weight of competing instruments, according to AvMap. The 3.5-inch standalone instrument can be mated to a GPS receiver (included) and also connected to the aircraft pitot static system for full ADAHRS capability.

AvMap claims the Ultra EFIS has a sunlight readable display, and can serve as a combination primary flight display and GPS navigation display. It can be mounted in a standard instrument cutout, or the sensor can be mated to AvMap's larger 7-inch EKP V navigator. The company offers an EKP V/Ultra EFIS package price of $2,750, which includes a panel docking station. Dual Ultra EFIS installations are also recommended.

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