Aircraft Spruce Offers Free Sun ‘n Fun Pickup

Order by March 27 for Lakeland delivery.

If you have a wish list of (reasonably sized) items from Aircraft Spruce and you’re planning to attend the April 1-6 Sun ‘n Fun Fly-in, the company has got a deal for you. Complete your order by noon (EDT) on March 27, and Aircraft Spruce will load it on the truck and bring it across the country for you. Pick it up at the Aircraft Spruce booth in Hangar B (Spaces 1-9, yeah, it’s a big display).

Don’t forget to bring your receipt. The fine print: no oversize orders allowed, and heavy (more than 25 pounds) items such as cases of oil are not included in the offer. There are also limits on bulky items such as wing spars, so go to www.aircraftspruce.com for details.

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