Airwork: Postpartum Depression

Saying goodbye to my iconic Cardinal was not an easy thing to do.
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Airwork: Logging History

Tom finds and returns a lost logbook.
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Airwork: Assessing the Risk of Ascending

Surprising similarities between mountain climbing and flying.
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Airwork: Time to Pull the Plug?

Considering the options on a 33-year old Cardinal RG.
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Airwork: Where Are You Headin’?

Letting other pilots know where you are heading is more than a courtesy.
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Airwork: Aviate, Navigate, Communicate and Motivate!

Keeping flight students motivated is critical to navigating general aviation's educational crisis.
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Airwork: Something for Everyone

Conducting business with the help of general aviation is good for everyone.
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Airwork: “It Ain’t Just Planes”

It's not just about planes.
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Airwork: Honoring the Sacrifice

Honoring the sacrifices made by our servicemen, -women and their families.
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Let “George” Do It

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