Airwork: San Pablo Aerodrome

Tom tries to help one aviation enthusiast get a flying club off the ground.
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The Strategy of Staying Current

Which is safer, a 10,000-hour pilot who has flown only 20 hours in the last year or a 200-hour pilot who has flown ...
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Online Pilot Training and Other Flying Resources

Putting a pilot's "license to learn" to good use.
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Pilot Currency Requirements

When it comes to staying current, judicious pilots will go well beyond the minimum requirements.
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Airwork: Risky Business

Reworking the conversation on aviation safety.
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Airwork: Moving Up – or Down

How to get up to speed on the ins and outs of a new aircraft.
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Airwork: Reading, Writing and Aerodynamics

High school students at a Michigan charter school are receiving a unique aviation-oriented education.
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Airwork: Don’t Quit Stalling

Why all pilots should keep practicing slow flight and stalls.
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Airwork: Come Fly With Me

Internet’s World Aero Club matches flying buddies.
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Changing the Training Paradigm

The time is ripe for action.
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