Van's Starts on Second Dozen Factory-Built RV-12s

First 12 sold in 80 hours.

Experimental RV-12

Experimental RV-12

Mark Phelps

When Van's Aircraft announced last fall that it would market factory-built versions of its RV-12 light sport aircraft, the kitplane world turned an interested eye. The first dozen delivery positions were quickly consumed. Now, Synergy Air, the Eugene, Oregon, company that builds the airplanes, has announced the next batch of 12 RV-12s is up for grabs, with some new options.

Buyers of the first dozen were limited to airplanes that had all the optional equipment included. The so-called "Signature" models also all had the same paint scheme. The next set will be available with standard pricing of $115,000 including seven available choices in paint configuration.

They will also include Dynon SkyView avionics; LED lighting; a Garmin comm radio; Mode S transponder, 406-MHz emergency locator transmitter; ergonomically designed seats; matte finish interior paint; and even a 12-volt power outlet in the cabin.

For another $8,000 you can opt for ADS-B weather and traffic, a two-axis autopilot and premium three-color paint. You can also have Dick VanGrunsven sign the airplane.

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