Mystery Jet: Cessna Working on New CJ-Series Replacement?

Audience analysis company gauges customer reaction to an unnamed mockup.

Cessna Mystery Jet

Cessna Mystery Jet

** Cessna's mystery jet on display at NBAA**

Of all the interesting aircraft featured on the exhibit floor of NBAA 2012, one somewhat mysterious un-named mock-up has captured the particular interest of a number of attendees.

The mock-up in question was brought to the show by Cessna in an effort to gauge the reactions of attendees as they take it in both from the outside and from inside the ultra-wide cabin.

While Cessna is being tight-lipped about its plans for the jet represented by the mock-up, it has said a few things. The concept airplane is CJ sized with a composite fuselage and yet-to-be-determined nextgen avionics. In the mockup, the single display spanned the entire panel, making use of a four-foot-plus-wide edge-to-edge flexible display. The jet's spacious cabin features a high and sleek minimalist interior reminiscent of the under-development Citation M2.

Cessna is keeping relatively mum about the mock-up and has announced no timetable for development nor a potential launch date. While it looks like a possible replacement for the company’s CitationJet line, the project might simply be exploratory at this time.