Brand New Dassault Jet: Falcon 5X

Fly-by-wire, combined vision and more.

Falcon 5X

Falcon 5X

** Falcon 5X**

At the NBAA Convention on Monday Dassault announced a brand new fly-by-wire large body bizjet with a new wing and fuselage that it calls the 5X. The .90 Mmo, 69,600-pound max takeoff weight jet was pre-launched to a group of journalists in Paris earlier this month.

The Falcon 5X occupies an unusual spot in the lineup. While it's one rung lower on the ladder from the three-engine, 6,800-plus-nm range $52 million 7X, in some ways the 5X is the flagship. It's got the tallest and widest Falcon cabin by far, advanced fly-by-wire flight control, new-design Safran Silvercrest engines, and a cabin diameter slightly larger than the Gulfstream G650’s and windows of comparable size. Dassault claims it will be 50 percent more fuel efficient than its competitors and 30 percent less costly to operate, claims it largely stakes on the hoped for efficiencies of the Silvercrest turbofans.

The cockpit will feature an enhanced vision system HUD that combines synthetic and enhanced vision and a new three-sensor EVS built by Elbit that will allow better enhanced visibility in a number of challenging conditions. The 5X also features the latest in cabin appointments and amenities, including a 3,900-foot cabin altitude at 41,000 feet. Dassault is aiming for certification and first deliveries in 2017.

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