Airbus Corporate Jet Announces New Safety Features and Introduces Sharklets

Shark tips, safety features added to its luxury jets.

Airbus ACJ318

Airbus ACJ318

At NBAA Airbus told reporters about its new safety utilities that aim to eliminate some of the most common types of commercial aircraft accidents. The ROW/ROPS (runway overrun warning and runway overrun prevention, respectively) give ACJ pilots visual indications that encourage go-arounds if things are not going well on approach. The ROP function automatically maximizes braking and alerts crews to use full thrust reverser.

Airbus Corporate Jets also announced the addition of new winglets for the ACJ310, which they call "sharklets." The addition adds a 4 percent fuel efficiency improvement, plus 200 nautical miles of range, giving it a 6200-nm IFR range.

Airbus also announced that its latest ACJ was on display at the static display site at Henderson Airport just outside of Las Vegas. The airplane features a new design interior and is operated as a VVIP (maybe a few more "Vs?") charter by Comlux.

The company added new interior options, including the Starlight ceiling and carpet lighting system, that uses LEDs to accentuate interior lighting. It also premiered a new layout, which creates 10 private "mini suites," to allow private sleeping quarters for the entire entourage.

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