Mooney Exhibits at AirVenture? Is It Back?

Hit by the recession, Mooney plans a comeback.

Mooney Aircraft is again exhibiting at AirVenture, marking the return of a company that many have left for dead. Not so, says the company’s CFO Barry Hodkin. He says Mooney is in fact in discussions with potential funding partners to get the company producing airplanes again.

“Nobody is quitting on the Mooney brand,” says Hodkin. “It’s among the most respected aviation brands in the world. Difficult economic times have caused us to suspend production for the last several years, but we’re definitely looking at getting back in the game.”

For AirVenture, that means bringing a couple of noteworthy Mooney models, an Ovation II GX that recently flew around the world, as well as a 1955 Mooney M20, one of the earliest Mooneys. Also on hand will be Lee White, head of Toyota racing, who flew a Mooney 231 to several world records in the year 2000.

While the company might be relegated to making parts (something every Mooney owner loves), Hodkin says Mooney is on the comeback trail.

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