AeroGuard Flight Training Center

AeroGuard offers accelerated flight training AT 5 campuses across the United States. AeroGuard

Recognized as one of the premier flight programs in the nation, AeroGuard Flight Training Center offers professional, accelerated pilot training for individuals ready to launch their careers as commercial airline pilots, no experience required.

AeroGuard offers coast-to-coast flight training at five locations, originating in Arizona and expanding into California, Texas and most recently, Florida. Since 2000, AeroGuard has graduated 6,000 airline-ready pilots.

AeroGuard’s Pilot Pathway Program is offered in partnership with SkyWest Airlines, the largest regional airline carrier in the U.S. The Program provides students with high-quality training curriculum, placing them on a path to employment as a commercial airline pilot. In the Pilot Pathway Program, run as Part 61 for speed with elements of Part 141 practices to ensure quality, students complete training for 7 FAA ratings and certifications in about 10 months. Graduates are guaranteed an interview as a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) with AeroGuard to further their training and build the 1,500 flight hours needed to work at an airline.

Upon successful completion of 1500 hours, pilots are guaranteed an interview with SkyWest during hiring periods, providing them with the opportunity to begin their journey as a commercial airline pilot.

AeroGuard’s all-inclusive tuition model encompasses what is needed for students to complete their training, including ratings and certifications, dedicated academic advisor support, unlimited overage hours, unlimited flight and ground school audits, briefing, workshops, uniforms and more.

AeroGuard is committed to creating the safest, best-trained pilots in the industry through exceptional education and operations.

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