Video: Air Tanker Joins Effort to Contain Deadly Wildfires in Chile

Global SuperTanker’s Boeing 747 on the tarmac in Chile. Global SuperTanker

A U.S.-based aerial firefighting company played a key role in helping to contain the deadly wildfires that have devastated Chile for weeks.

Global SuperTanker said as of Friday its Boeing 747 had dropped more than 670,000 gallons of water on the fires and had set a single-day record for liquid dropped by a land-based aerial tanker on February 1, when it dropped 134,400 gallons during seven sorties.

Yesterday, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet announced the wildfires were mostly under control and the state of emergency lifted. The widespread blazes killed at least 11 people and caused more than $300 million in damage, according to the Chilean government.

The converted 747 joined firefighters and aircraft sent from at least 13 other countries to help contain the blazes. Another waterbomber, an Ilyushin Il-76, was sent by Russia to join the effort.

Global SuperTanker’s services were paid for by a private foundation in the United States.

Watch the 747 at work, much to the relief of residents in Concepción, Chile.


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