California Company Chooses King Air 360 As First Aircraft

The first Beechcraft King Air 360 enters service to support agribusiness.

California-based Stamoules Produce Company delivers fruits, vegetables, and nuts from its 17,000-acre farm in the San Joaquin Valley, where it traces a history back to 1927. For its first corporate aircraft, the company selected a twin turboprop with a long history as well—the Beechcraft King Air 360, the latest model produced from the storied line by Textron Aviation. The company took delivery of the King Air 360 on November 12.

Katie Stefanopoulos is a member of the family that owns Stamoules Produce Company, and she looks forward to flying the airplane as the company’s corporate pilot. “We’re very proud to be the launch customer of the new Beechcraft King Air 360,” said Stefanopoulos. “When selecting our first aircraft, we looked for a product that would not only give us the performance and flexibility we need to grow our business, but also by a company with a trusted name and expertise in the industry – and we found that in the King Air 360 and Textron Aviation. We were excited to learn of the new upgrades and features to an already exceptional aircraft, and I am even more excited to fly it.”

The striking exterior paint scheme joins an entirely redesigned cabin—and updates to make workload management quite a bit easier on the pilot. Updates include the Innovative Solutions & Support autothrottle and digital pressurization systems.


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