Southeastern Oklahoma State Joins Delta Propel Program

School is second this week to add this accelerated path to Delta’s flight deck to its students.

Delta Air Lines has reached an agreement with Southeastern Oklahoma State for the school to become part of the company’s Propel Collegiate Pilot Career Path Program

The program, designed to supplement Delta’s need for qualified pilots, provides students with an accelerated path to a career with Delta.

With Thursday’s announcement, Southeastern Oklahoma State becomes the 14th school to join the Propel program since it was launched in 2018. Southern Illinois University, Carbondale joined the program on Tuesday.

“The aviation program at Southeastern has been a symbol of success for more than 50 years, attracting students from across the country,’’ said Southeastern president Thomas Newsom. “This partnership with the Delta Propel Pilot Career Path Program is a great fit for our Aviation Sciences Institute (ASI) and will provide additional career opportunities for our aviation students.’’

After a rigorous interview and evaluation process, Delta will offer successful candidates a Qualified Job Offer, detailing a defined path and accelerated timeline to become a Delta pilot. Interested students can apply through September 17.

Selected candidates will also accumulate flight time by offering instruction at the university where they trained and then will have the option to fly for one of the Delta Connection Carriers, or taking a pilot slot within the Air National Guard or Air Force Reserves.

Delta will offer selected candidates one-to-one mentoring with an experienced Delta pilot.

“This is the beginning of a new partnership committed to ensuring the success of the students at an outstanding institution and providing Delta with quality candidates,” said first officer and Propel liaison Courtney Copping. “Seeing is believing, and the Propel program shows students a defined path of how to achieve their dreams of flying for Delta.”


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