Sal Valentinetti to Perform at Aviation Expo Party

America’s Got Talent finalist Sal Valentinetti will perform at Flying Aviation Expo’s 007-themed party Saturday, October 22. NBC

Flying Aviation Expo will likely keep attendees busy with more than enough aircraft-centric events and exhibits, but those looking to wind down and class things up will have to look no further than the Palm Springs Aviation Museum, where America's Got Talent finalist Sal Valentinetti will perform live to cap off the weekend.

The 21-year-old crooner will bring his "consummate, classy," vocal stylings to the much-anticipated West Coast fly-in event Saturday, October 22, when the Palm Springs Aviation Museum hosts a 007-themed party beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Party-goers will be treated to a beer and wine tasting, cocktails, and gourmet food, all while mingling among the historic warbirds and listening to live music from Valentinetti and the Night Owl Band.

Valentinetti was a hit with fans of America's Got Talent for his smooth voice, sharp dress and throwback style, making it to the finals and placing fifth in the reality show's 11th season. Watch his take on the Sinatra standard "That's Life," below.

To register for this year's Flying Aviation Expo, click here.

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