Private Jet Charter Company Victor Boasts Increase in First-Time Charters

Company says easy-to-use technology and app are contributing to growth.

Victor Private Jet App
Victor attributes its growth in first-time charters to its iOS app.Victor

On-demand private jet charter company Victor has posted an increase in bookings during the first four months of 2016, 34 percent of which were from customers who had never flown a private plane before.

Victor, which operates in the United States and internationally, attributes the growth in first-time charters to its iOS app, through which customers can compare and book jets instantly. The app accounts for 60 percent of the company’s total bookings.

Victor Private Jet App
Customers can book a private plane on Victor's app.Victor

Overall, Victor’s sales growth has averaged 142 percent per year.

Clive Jackson, CEO and founder of Victor, said new technology is opening up private jet charters to more customers, giving them more options without having to go through a traditional broker. He also touted the company’s 24/7 customer service.

“We are growing the market by making it more accessible — easier to understand, clearer to navigate and more fun and productive to use," Jackson said. “Providing transparency of service and ease of experience through smart technology is at the heart of Victor’s customer proposition.”