<em>Flying</em> Editor-in-Chief to Keynote at AOPA

Flying's Robert Goyer to discuss aviation issues.

AOPA Summit

AOPA Summit

Courtesy of AOPA

AOPA Summit is around the corner, and this year’s location in Palm Springs, California, is a very popular destination for the membership, who fly in to KPSP and surrounding airports in droves for AOPA’s annual get together. This year’s Summit, which runs Oct. 11-13, promises to be one of the best, with a host of seminars, roundtables, forums and other activities that are slated to be both educational and fun.

Keynote speakers this year include pilot Harrison Ford (who also acts from time to time), FAA Interim Administrator Michael Huerta, AOPA President Craig Fuller, AOPA Pilot Editor-in-Chief Tom Haines and Flying Editor-in-Chief Robert Goyer. On Friday morning, Haines and Goyer will participate in a panel discussion, weighing in on the top aviation stories of the day, including Next-Gen, ADS-B, users fees and more.

For more details, including fly-in information, visit AOPA.org.