Stevens Extends Learjet Life With Lear4Ever Program


Stevens Aviation delivered the first Learjet modified under its Lear4Ever program this week. Stevens, working with several partners, transforms the classic turbofan-powered Learjet with a package of new avionics, aerodynamic modifications, plus its highly regarded new interior and paint work. Big Universal flat glass displays are among the most notable cockpit changes. The Universal system features synthetic vision on the PFD, along with a terrain awareness and warning system. A new Universal flight management system, and solid-state gyros and radios from Collins, completes an avionics upgrade that qualifies the Lear4Ever to meet current and expected navigation and altitude keeping standards. The addition of Avcon Delta Fins tames the low speed behavior of the Learjet so a yaw damper is no longer a no-go item for flight. The Raisbeck Engineering ZRLite package with its unusual horizontal winglets and other changes to the wing reduces drag to improve fuel efficiency, increase range and enhance low-speed stability on approach. Stevens performed the Lear4Ever modifications at its Greenville, South Carolina, facility. No package price was announced, and costs will vary depending on the existing condition of the Learjet being modified. The Learjet 30 series has no airframe life limit so the modification can easily extend the useful life of the jet for another 20 years.