Citation Special Olympics Airlift

Cessna is gearing up for what will be the biggest Special Olympics airlift ever.

A year in advance of the event Cessna unveiled ts plans to conduct the fifth Citation Special Olympics Airlift to the 2006 inaugural Special Olympics USA National Games, to be held from July 2-7 in Ames, Iowa. It is expected to be the largest Citation Airlift ever, with 400 Citation aircraft scheduled to be on hand to transport 2,500 athletes and coaches from around the country to the site of the games on July 1st and back home again on July 8th.

As you might imagine, with hundreds of business jets converging on a single airport over the course of several hours, the planning for the event is complex, involving the cooperation of the Special Olympics, Citation owners, Cessna, the FAA, FBOs, local officials, and hundreds of community volunteers.

Citation operators interested in helping out can visit for more information.


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