#Live2Fly Series: High School Student and Pilot Patrick Abel

This ambitious, inspiring aviator has big goals for his future in flying.

To say that Patrick Abel is ambitious would be an understatement. At a time when general aviation is trying to attract a new generation of pilots, Patrick’s story is refreshing and inspiring, if not proof to young people everywhere that this is an industry with vast, endless potential and possibilities.

Currently a high school senior, Patrick has already proven himself a selfless humanitarian, having helped raised tens of thousands of dollars for people in need. And like other GA pilots that stepped up in the wake of recent natural disasters and tragedies, he wants to use his talents to eventually create a charity that would continue this trend.

Set to attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Patrick’s short-term goal is to start his own flight school and ground school so he can “inspire and train new people to get into aviation.”

Ambitious might not even be a strong enough word. Watch the rest of Patrick’s story above.

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