#Live2Fly Series: Fourth Generation Pilot Tasman Carnes

At age 7, the SunAir instructor wanted to be a boat captain, but a commercial flight made him realize his true passion.

When Tasman Carnes was seven-years-old, he wanted to be a boat captain, despite flying already being embedded in his DNA. His great-grandfather was issued Florida’s first pilot’s license, and he was also the first man to greet Charles Lindbergh when he returned from his legendary solo flight. But Tasman’s heart was set on piloting boats and not planes.

Then, a trip on a commercial airplane changed his dreams for good, and he realized his genetic passion for aviation. Today, Tasman is a CRII, corporate and glider pilot instructor at SunAir Aviation and he enjoys seeing the look of joy and astonishment on a new or aspiring pilot’s face that he once had as a child.

Even as he teaches new pilots, though, Tasman has plenty yet to learn from his grandfather, as they often hit the skies in his vintage seaplane.

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