Use Study Guides for a Better Check Ride Experience

It’s important to go in well-prepared to thwart the Dunning-Kruger effect.
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The Complete G1000: A Pilot’s Guide

Learn your way around the glass cockpit.
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Aviation Thriller ‘The Shepherd’ Will Boost Any Pilot’s Holiday Runup

Novelist Frederick Forsyth’s short story connects with GA aviators.
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ASA Releases 2024 Test Preps

The newly available practice material covers two years of updates.
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ASA Launches ‘Mental Math for Pilots, Third Edition’

The text offers tips and tricks for quick computing without a calculator.
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Coffee Table Book Celebrates WWII Flight Jacket Art

"Bomber Boys" creates a visual record of A-2 jackets from World War II.
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FAA Releases New Weather Handbook

The updated 'Aviation Weather Handbook' includes more than 500 pages of practical information.
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Good FLYING Reads: John and Martha King’s ‘Lift’

Part entrepreneurship manual, part autobiography, the book went on sale October 11.
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Pilot Workshops Adds New IFR Pilot-Friendly Manual

The practical guide fills in the gaps between instrument lessons, and keeps IFR proficiency going beyond the check ride.
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Good FLYING Reads: ‘101 Chuck Yeager-isms’

A collection of inspiring quotes comes from one of the world’s greatest test pilots.
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