ASA Releases 2024 Test Preps

The newly available practice material covers two years of updates.

If taking an aviation knowledge test or check ride is on your to-do list, the folks at Aviation Supplies & Academics are here to help. The ASA 2024 Test Preps, Test Guides, and Test Prep Plus (book and Prepware) are available now.

For decades, ASA has been assisting pilots and maintenance technicians in preparation for FAA knowledge exams.The newly released prep material reflects the latest information and includes updates for two years.

Test Prep for Pilots and Mechanics

The Test Prep books are organized by subject matter and provide explanations for both correct and incorrect answers. ASA has texts covering remote pilot (drones), private, instrument, commercial, instructor, ATP, flight engineer, and aviation mechanic. The books contain the same charts, diagrams, and figures as the knowledge test. Each book has a FAA CT-8080, so the applicants will become familiar with the supplement materials they will see when they take the official knowledge test. Test prep books also include five online practice tests.

Prepware combines all the information found in the Test Prep book with computer-based training. The downloadable software installs to either Mac or PC and includes a two-year subscription to ASA’s Prepware Online, offering study and use-of-test features on digital platforms, including desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This product also allows student integration with ASA’s Prepware School, which is Prepware designed to be used in the classroom.

Prepware Online includes a two-year subscription to any single test database, allowing the user to study using any digital device.

Test Prep Plus includes a book and the most current Prepware software along with a two-year subscription to Prepware Online. According to ASA, this arrangement has the most flexibility, offering the user the flexibility to study from a book or digital device. It is available for both pilots and mechanics.

Prepware School is designed for flight schools and training centers for multiuser support and study for all FAA knowledge exams—anytime, anywhere—from any internet-connected device.

Pricing ranges from $49.95 to $99.95. For more information, visit asa2fly.com.


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