Reenacting Bombing Missions in an F-117 Nighthawk

Ride along on a Microsoft Flight Simulator journey through history in the world's first top-secret stealth aircraft.
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Reaching Uncharted Corners of the Globe in a Fokker F.VII

Ride along on a Microsoft Flight Simulator journey through history in one of the world’s first civilian airliners.
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Exploring the Checkered History of the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter

The Cold War-era fighter jet demonstrated that speed isn’t everything.
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The Story of the Schneider Trophy and the Supermarine S.5

The aircraft and the race played a significant role in the development of the iconic Spitfire fighter.
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Simulating a Bombing Raid in an F-16

Historic 1981 Israeli operation took out Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor.
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Simulating the Voyage of the Plus Ultra

The Dornier Do J Wal traveled from Spain to Argentina in 1926.
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Recreating the Final Flight of the Red Baron

Though agile, the Baron’s Fokker Dr.I triplane came with some distinct disadvantages.
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Reenacting the First Airplane Flight via Simulator

The Wright brothers made history when the 1903 Wright Flyer became the first crewed, heavier-than-air, powered, and controlled aircraft to take flight.
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A Virtual History of the Piper Cub

The well-known and well-loved J-3 is a simple airplane that has seen a lot.
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Taking a Transcontinental Flight in the Hypersonic Darkstar, Virtually

Ride along on a Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 journey in the semifictional scramjet based on the Lockheed SR-72 and flown by Tom Cruise ...
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