Boeing Engineers Set New Distance Record With Paper Airplane

The pair broke the Guinness World Record for flying a handmade paper airplane with an innovative design and simulations.
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FLYING’s Favorite Holiday Movies

Here's what people who think about things that fly all day long will be watching this holiday.
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Devotion Is Worth Watching If You Haven’t Already—Or Even If You Have

The film's aerial coordinator Kevin La Rosa discusses with FLYING the movie's many treats for pilots and aviation fans.
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Fighter Pilot Film Devotion Opens This Week: 4 Things To Know

Korean War biopic is packed with aerial footage and human drama.
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Tom Cruise On Course For First Civilian ISS Space Walk

The Top Gun: Maverick actor is developing a movie that proposes taking a rocket up to the International Space Station for shooting, a ...
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When Walt Disney Was a War Hero

Seattle’s Museum of Flight unveils an exhibit illustrating Disney Studios’ efforts to help during World War II.
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FLYING Contributor: Shoot Top Gun: Maverick Down With Missiles

This veteran pilot says the record-breaking sequel–and its predecessor–failed miserably.
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That Darkstar in Top Gun: Maverick—Was it Real?

Actual engineers from Lockheed Martin created that fictional airplane. Here’s how.
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Meet Someone Who Really Didn’t Like Top Gun: Maverick

Summer blockbuster has wowed movie goers, but this reviewer called it ‘absolute garbage.’
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What If the Soviets Had Walked on the Moon First?

Season 3 of Apple TV+’s alternate reality series For All Mankind premieres Friday.
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