ASA Launches ‘Mental Math for Pilots, Third Edition’

The text offers tips and tricks for quick computing without a calculator.

There is an awful lot of math involved in being a pilot and sometimes you won’t have access to a calculator or pencil and paper. There are times, for expediency, that you have to work the problem in your head.

Mental Math for Pilots, Third Edition by Ronald D. McElroy–now available from Aviation Supplies & Academics (ASA)–can help you with that.

According to ASA, the book teaches readers how to solve math problems in the cockpit without calculators, using solutions that are simple and practical for airborne contingencies. The mental math tools can be used in flight planning and to help pilots stay ahead  in the cockpit by performing more efficiently.

“In this book, pilots can learn the tricks of the trade for the areas where they have traditionally needed to sharpen their mental math skills: fuel planning, temperature conversions, reciprocal headings, turn radius, crosswind components, time-speed-distance problems, calculating true airspeed, the 60-to-1 rule, and many others,” ASA said in a release.

Among the techniques is how to determine the reciprocal heading by adding or subtracting 200 from a heading, then adjusting by adding or subtracting 20 to get the resultant. For example, if the aircraft is on a heading of 340 degrees – 200 = 140 + 20 = reciprocal of 340 is 160 degrees.

These skills can help pilots at all levels, including airline applicants during interviews.

In softcover, Mental Math for Pilots contains 104 pages and can be obtained from FBOs that stock pilot supplies, online retailers, or at asa2fly.com for $24.95.It is also available as an e-book for $19.95.


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