Affordable Aviation: 5 Airplanes Under $100K on Aircraft for Sale

Here are some single-engine piston aircraft you could own right now.

2011 Cessna 162 Skycatcher listed on [Courtesy:]

Airplanes and affordability aren't terms that typically share a sentence. Yet in the world of light aircraft, there exists a range of cost-effective options for flying enthusiasts. Whether you have just begun your aviation journey or are looking to add to your fleet to help others learn to fly, here are five airplanes available on that won't stretch your budget beyond $100,000.

2010 Rans S-19 Venterra

2010 Rans S-19 Venterra [Courtesy:] 

Kicking off the list is the 2010 Rans S-19 Venterra, an American gem of an airplane, this two-seater sports a 100 hp Rotax 912ULS engine. The Venterra's low-wing design and panoramic bubble canopy cater to those with an appreciation for breathtaking views and fast-paced, cross-country flying, making it an attractive prospect for those with a modest budget. See the full listing on this Rans S-19 Vanterra.

2011 Cessna 162 Skycatcher

2011 Cessna 162 Skycatcher.  [Courtesy:]

In the No. 2 spot, we find this 2011 Cessna 162 Skycatcher. This light-sport, high-wing aircraft comes with simplified controls and Garmin's user-friendly G300-series avionics. It is a perfect stepping stone for novice pilots or those learning to fly, offering an exceptional educational platform while simultaneously delivering on the enjoyment front.

1966 Cessna 150F

The middle of our list takes a trip down memory lane with the 1966 Cessna 150F. This classic high-wing, fixed-gear aircraft represents a piece of aviation history. It may not sport the newest technology, but it more than compensates with its charm, ease of handling, and remarkable durability.

1985 Maule M-5-180C

1985 Maule M-5-180C [Courtesy:] 

The fourth position goes to this 1985 Maule M-5-180C, a versatile, tailwheel aircraft with short-takeoff-and-landing capabilities. Fitted with a powerful Lycoming O-360 engine, this sturdy airplane with room for four is an excellent all-rounder, fitting the needs of diverse flying scenarios.

1941 Boeing/Stearman A75N1

1941 Boeing/Stearman A75N1 [Courtesy:] 

In fifth is a timeless warbird—the 1941 Boeing/Stearman A75N1, which served as a primary trainer during World War II. It offers a captivating flying experience like no other. Although not as practical of choice for cross-country journeys, its historical significance and aesthetic appeal are undeniable.

1971 Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub on floats

1971 Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub on floats [Courtesy:] 

As an honorable mention, we turn to the 1971 Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub on floats. Slightly over our budget, but its robustness and the unique aquatic landing experience it offers make this aircraft worthy of a nod.

This collection of aircraft proves that the joy of flying doesn't necessitate an extravagant budget. It caters to different types of pilots and their flying aspirations, ranging from history enthusiasts to cross-country adventurers. 

Whether you’re looking to take aircraft ownership for a spin for the very first time or just wanting to add to your collection with something that won’t break the bank, you can find all these airplanes and hundreds more on Aircraft for Sale—the most transparent place to buy your next adventure. 

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