FLYING Launches an Aviation Job Board

Find the perfect job, or candidate, with FLYING’s job board.
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University of Oklahoma Ranked Best College for Aviation

Find out why OU scored top marks in FLYING's Flight School Guide
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See Where Top Aviation Universities Rank

FLYING reveals its full list of college and university rankings.
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American Airlines’ Regional Partners Increase Pilot Pay by More Than 50 Percent

Piedmont and Envoy offer massive raises in an effort to stem their pilot shortages and get aircraft back in the air.
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American Airlines Grounds Almost 100 Airplanes Because It Doesn’t Have Enough Pilots To Fly Them

CEO says the company is not staffed to keep up with rebounding consumer demand.
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Republic R-ATP Petition Draws Backlash From Airline, Flight School Groups

The request, sent to the FAA last month, calls for an hours reduction for those in its Leadership in Flight Training program.
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United Airlines Will Spend $100 million to Expand Pilot Training Center Amid Pilot Shortage

United Airlines is expanding its center in Denver to support its efforts of hiring 10,000 pilots by 2030.
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What if There’s a Medical Emergency on an Airline Flight?

We take a look at risk mitigation from the pilot’s perspective.
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Why One European Airline Has a Surplus of Applicants During a Pilot Shortage

Norse Atlantic Airways CEO says timing and equipment has been the key to early success.
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Flight Schools: Farm Teams for the Airlines

FLYING staff writer and CFI shares story of a student recruited by an airline right out of flight school.
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