Is an iPad Weather Briefing Enough?

The FAA released an advisory circular on self-briefing in 2021, but what are the details?
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Flying in Comfort and Style

Plan ahead to make the flight experience the best for your passengers.
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Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Next Generation

The legacy flight simulation program inspires a new cadre of pilots.
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Pilot’s Discretion: Flying Solo

The new era of weather self-service
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Pilot’s Discretion: The iPad Proficiency Check

Staying current with the MVP in your flight bag.
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Reverse Weather Briefing

How to see the big weather picture.
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How To Fly Single-Pilot IFR with a Digital Copilot

Here's how to make the most out the technological tools that are available to pilots today.
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How NextGen is Changing IFR Flying

Keeping one step ahead of ATC.
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Which Mobile Aviation App is Best for You?

Putting ForeFlight Mobile and Garmin Pilot to the test.
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Fly Like Someone is Watching

Complacency can be prevented with a different frame of mind.
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