Why Does the Pilot in Command Sit on the Left Side of the Cockpit?

When side-by-side seating became more common, the PIC took the left seat. Theories abound as to why this is.
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What is the Oldest Active U.S. Flying Club?

Clubs devoted to flight have existed in the U.S. since the late 1800s.
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Ask FLYING: Do I Need To Learn How To Refuel My Airplane?

If you've never refueled an aircraft before, here are nine tips to help you do so safely during your next pit stop.
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Ask FLYING: How Can I Get a Special VFR?

Here's how to legally depart Class D airspace when the weather isn't cooperating.
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How Much To Pay for an Older 182?

Avionics and other equipment can drive big variations in price.
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Ask FLYING: Takeoff Versus Departure

What do you say to air traffic control when you’re ready to go?
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Ask FLYING: Why Are Windsocks the Color They Are?

Airport windsocks aren't there to make a fashion statement. Here's why they're different colors.
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Ask FLYING: What is a G-AIRMET?

An aviation meteorologist explains how a graphical AIRMET is different from a traditional one.
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Why Are Flaps Used in Some Soft-field Takeoffs?

The lift vs. drag debate continues.
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Why Would Fire Extinguishers Be Required for Engine Starts?

Big piston radial engines from the 1940s, ‘50s—and through today—require careful attention during startup.
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